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I’m happier than I’ve ever been.

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I call it "I keep forgetting Dick is shorter than his girlfriends". I do really. For amethystamore who asked for Oracle (and Nightwing if I wanted). And I wanted to. Dick/Babs is another OTP of mine in the DC comics, and I have never done art for it. :( I don’t draw it enough I think.

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Patron Goddess by ~kit-kit-kit

One more before I go! Something about the computer screens in this one looks so cool!

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ART: A full colour illustration of Barbara and Dick. Dick has his arms folded on the back of her wheelchair, grinning. Barbara glances back at him with a smile.


I love them so much you don’t understand

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Batgirl Year One #3 - Marcos Martín


Batgirl Year One #3 - Marcos Martín

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Batgirl cosplay by Knightess-Rouge, photo manip by Jwan Reber

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