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Mostly comics and costumery, as well as Potter, ASOIAF, Firefly, Percy Jackson, and more.
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Quick Nightwing sketch as part of an art challenge with my buddy thataintmytumblr.

Sorta based on Phil Bourassa’s stuff (the guy who designed YJ, Flashpoint, and the new DC DTVs coming out soon) but I was mostly just trying to get down something quick.

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Felt like painting another Nightwing.  They really should bring back his blue costume!!

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2013: Costuming Year in Review

-Chekov: Star Trek (Reboot Universe) group at Dragon*Con 2013. Probably the most fun I had at that con. Will be returning next year with a full group (and hopefully upgraded costumes). Group includes Socies, Rogue, Jesse, Cat, and two folks who are too cool for tumblr.

-Nightwing: I roomed with the Canadian Crew, which means I had to steal their “traveling pants” Nightwing costume. Had way too much fun in it. Taster for something that’ll hopefully happen at some time in the near future.

-Spider-Man: First debuted last year, this year it returned with new webshooters and a better fit. Expect more Spidey-Stuff in 2014.

-Robin: August saw the Last Hoorah of my Robin suit before I retired it. Will be putting it up for sale later this year to help fund my Winter Soldier project!

-Ferris Bueller: A costume I’ve been wanting to do for a while, I finally decided to put it together for Halloween this year. It made a comeback at SMF, where I supposedly danced on the bar to Twist & Shout in front of everybody.

-The Eleventh Doctor: Put together on a whim for my friend Claire’s Sci-Fi birthday costume-party, and then brought back for a Halloween party. I don’t know if it will ever get worn to a con, but it was a lot of fun.

-Wiccan: Commissioned from my friend Meredith Placko, this suit debuted at Big Wow in May, and then came back for D*C. Will hopefully be getting some upgrades before I do a Wiccan/Speed photoshoot next year, and then I’ll probably be selling it.

-Dipper Pines: Relatively thrown together to do a shoot in the woods with Kelby and a bunch of our other friends. These will be coming back…just not like this.

-Scott Pilgrim: I have yet to wear it to a con, but it was one I decided to do, partially because my friend Ashleigh inspired me to, and partially because it was super easy. I have a wooden katana that just needs the heart added to it. Will probably debut some time next year.

-Jon Snow: My Big Project of 2013. A combined effort by myself and my friends Claire Max, Panda, Brittany, and Martha. Special thanks as well to Murphy who was incredibly helpful. Currently in the upgrade stage for a really cool photoshoot we’ll be doing early next year.