21 year old cosplayer & film student.

Mostly comics and costumery, as well as Potter, ASOIAF, Firefly, Percy Jackson, and more.
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And they mocked his guns….

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Legacies are only carried by those that are strong enough to live beyond the name


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Everyone who’s watched Battlestar Galactica already knows this, but seriously, Katee Sackhoff. Carol Danvers. It needs to happen.

“Hi. I’m Ms. Marvel. I’ll be beating you senseless this evening.” 

- Ms. Marvel #47 (2009)

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Marvel Fancasts-» Katee Sackhoff as Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel

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You know who I adore? It’s Miss Socies here. I literally couldn’t ask for better friends.

(AKA I stumbled across this picture of us and I really like it)