21 year old cosplayer & film student.

Mostly comics and costumery, as well as Potter, ASOIAF, Firefly, Percy Jackson, and more.
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"I’m Spider-Man, by the way. In case you weren’t sure or anything."

AMR-Cosplay as Spider-Man

Original photo by Atlas Photography (Momocon ‘13), edit by Derek Rayner


In celebration of the Season Premiere of Game of Thrones, have some Jon Snow!

amr-cosplay as Jon Snow, bratkartoffel25 as Arya Stark.

Photos by ampcosplay and David Harback.

The costume needs some serious work before D*C (luckily nothing really expensive). Got a new, bigger sword. Need to make the wig better and keep practicing the beard. But for some reason I seem to really like torturing myself with leather-clad, long haired, winter-loving, idiots…


Because CA:TWS and I can’t believe I just got a film about my favorite character in my favorite storyline, and it was beautiful, and tragic, and perfect.

AMR-Cosplay as Bucky Barnes, Kevin Spooner as Captain America

Photograph by Bodhi Tree Photography, March 2012.



Things at Hogwarts are far worse than I feared.

Myself as Harry Potter

Matthew as Ron Weasley

Gina as Professor Umbridge

Photos by Chris Kwock, Dragon*Con 2013.

I hope you read this because you need to know.
I went through Harry Potter orientation this week at Universal. They had a review section devoted to fans. To cosplayers.

They used this picture in their section. You are the prime example of what proud Wizarding World employees such as myself should expect in our park.

I was so happy when I saw it there because I recalled seeing it before, here on tumblr. So I decided to search you out and let you know


"With Great Power…"

AMR Cosplay as Spider-Man

Original photo by Robbins Studios Photography at NYCC 2012, editing by me.


Just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!

AMR-Cosplay as Spider-Man

Photograph by Distractotron, Dragon*Con 2013


"Now there’s a hero for ya! No fancy indestructible shield! Nothin’ but a smile!"
"…And a tommy gun."
"But what a smile!"
AMR-Cosplay as Bucky Barnes & Kevin Spooner as Captain America
Photograph by Bodhi Tree Photography, March 2012.


"When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives."

AMR-Cosplay as Jon Snow and bratkartoffel25 as Arya Stark.

Photograph by David Harback, Katsucon 2014.


"Fear is for the winter, when the snows fall a hundred feet deep and the ice wind comes howling out of the north."

AMR-Cosplay as Jon Snow (Game of Thrones).

Photograph by David Harback, Katsucon 2014.


The North Remembers