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Marvel Knights

flyinggrayson as Daredevil
amr-cosplay as Spider-Man

Photo by Grace of Bodhi Tree Photography. Dragon*Con 2012 (first time I ever wore Spidey!).


"He’s a better Robin than I ever was. He’ll probably end up being a better Batman, too."

Robin by AMR-Cosplay

Photo by James Li, Long Beach Comic Expo 2012.

(via amr-cosplay)


The last hurrah of my Robin costume.

AMR-Cosplay as Robin, Flyinggrayson as Nightwing and Michael Cox as Batman.

Pictures by Bodhi Tree Photography, 2013.

75th Anniversary of the Dark Knight! 

"Has anyone told you that you can be a bit sarcastic?"

"Yeah. Usually when they’re hitting me."

socplay as She-Hulk

Myself as Spider-Man

Photos by Heroes Dreams, Dragon*Con 2013.

Don’t mind me, I’m just really bored and stupidly excited about this costume.

[WIP Winter Soldier Build, mockup jacket]

WIP of my Winter Soldier build!

Sean sent me the mockup of the tunic to test the fit, and I couldn’t resist playing with some of the props. Threw the mask on for fun.


Update on the Winter Soldier Build!

Again, this is just the mockup. Obviously these are not the final fabrics. But things are progressing along well!

Reblogging this onto my main blog because I am ridiculously excited about this costume. Slowly but surely coming along.


First WIP of the prototype Winter Soldier jacket!

[Note- Not the final materials]

Slowly but surely coming along. Boots, Belt Buckle, Grenades, Rifle, one of the knives have all also been procured. Deposit sent for the mask and goggles. Arm is in the works. Need to finish off the weaponry and go wig shopping. But should hopefully be good to go for it’s Dragoncon debut!

This costume has been my Dream Project for six years now (since I first read the Winter Soldier saga). I’ve been plotting and planning this sucker since I first debuted my Bucky costume in 2010. But now… Winter is coming.



AMR-Cosplay as Bucky Barnes, Kevin Spooner as Captain America

Photograph by Bodhi Tree Photography, March 2012.

Happy 4th of July!

I haven’t actually worn this to a con in like two years, and I really need to fix that. And if I’m able to pull it off, hopefully I’ll be debuting the WWII Bucky from TFA at Boston Comic-Con and Winter Soldier at Dragoncon!