21 year old cosplayer & film student.

Mostly comics and costumery, as well as Potter, ASOIAF, Firefly, Percy Jackson, and more.
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Hey Potterheads!

We have three dozen full Hogwarts uniforms of various sizes and houses that we’re using on set for The Gathering Storm: A Marauders Fan Film, that we’re offering as Kickstarter Rewards!

These costumes (formerly available from Whimsic Alley) aren’t available anywhere else anymore, and the reward tier is almost the same as what they used to retail for. Help us make an incredible film, and show your House Pride!

I’m warning you, I am a lethal killing machine.

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All that we have, all that we had.

Full image:[600 X 3822]

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"I have an itch on my nose" 


Shout out from Mark Meer, voice of Commander Shepherd in the Mass Effect series and friend of the director! Thanks, Mark!

The Kickstarter Is Almost Over, Help us Keep the Magic Alive!

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Harry Potter and the…

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Anyway, hang in there, Kickstarters usually pick up during their last week :)
buckybird buckybird Said:

Fingers crossed. I’ve dedicated a quarter of my college career to this project.